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Girls of Lake Garda

Girls of Lake Garda

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So I went travelling in Italy awhile ago and being someone who never wants to miss an opportunity to paint, I decided to do an art collection there. We were flying so it would have been difficult to take big canvases on the flight. Since I am clever, thank you! I decided to cut up squares of canvases of 60cm each. I folded these into the bottom of my suitcase and then packed some paints tubes and brushes and away I flew.Fourth major stop was Lake Garda. I can't swim mind you but I love the sound of the sea and I was blown away by the huge stunning mysterious lake which stretched for miles. I spent some time observing the goings on in and around the lake. This gave rise to this painting; Girls of Lake Garda.This painting is Acrylic on canvas, professionally and elegantly framed. It will complement the decor of any stylish space. 60cmx60cm approx.This painting is also available as a 40x40 signed print on museum archive paper.
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    Girls of lake garda, original artwork by Chinwe Russell
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    Girls of lake Garda inspired by a visit to Italy , artwork by Chinwe Russell Artist


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