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  • City Voice
    May, 2020

    'In 2018, the Doncaster based artists Chinwe Russell created a piece of work on the bubonic plague titled the black death, (circa 1300 to 1800) This work was shown at the other art fair in London, an international art exhibition at which she participated.


    This artist, known for her historical narrative style, whose work has been exhibited at the Royal academy of arts summer exhibition in London in 2019 never realised that 2 years later, she was going to create another similar piece of work, this time on a similar pandemic, happening in her own lifetime.'

  • Global Patriot News
    May, 2020

    'Chinwe Russell, the daughter of late Justice Gerald Ibe of Ikenanzizi, Obowo, Imo State, Nigeria is based in the United Kingdom and says:

    “My work is inspired by history, all sorts of history. I have a questing mind, … and a rich imagination. I am fascinated by what was before and how it has shaped our present.”'

  • TamarackForTheArts
    April, 2020

    'How are artists outside West Virginia comprehending this pandemic and translating it in their work? In 2018, United Kingdom-based artist Chinwe Russell created a piece of work on the bubonic plague. Better known as The Black Death, it was one of humankind’s most virulent plagues and killed an estimated 50 million in the 14th Century or 60 percent of Europe’s entire population. Known for her historical narrative style, Russell recently turned to a pandemic closer in time—the one we all now confront.'

  • Doncaster Free Press
    January, 2020

    'For the next few months, its also going to be where you can go see Doncaster’s answers to the likes of Picasso and Rembrandt in action.

    Under a new project, several painters, photographers, and digital artists, will be using the 19th century Victorian landmark as their studio, as they carry out their work as artists.

    The project follows on from a recent project based in some of the market place pubs, the Doncaster Emerging and Professional Art Fair.'

  • GirlsTalkHQ
    May, 2020

    ‘Chinwe Russell is on a mission to use her talent to share stories of incredible women who have had a hand in impacting the world forever with her exhibit ’20 Historical Women Who Changed The World’… Carefully, but cleverly selected from 100s of possible candidates, spanning from the 1500s to this century, this collection celebrates all that represents strength, courage, perseverance and determination.’

  • Doncopolitan
    April, 2020

    ‘My first attempt at painting was in 2007 after a visit to a Nigerian art market where I fell in love with some of the local art. I brought some of the paintings back to the UK and recreated some of these pieces in my own way. To my surprise, a couple of people commissioned me to paint similar pieces. I have no formal art training, being entirely self-taught and, in fact, I went to business school. In addition to my art, I also run a skin care business for the past several years.’

  • Doncaster Free Press
    March, 2020

    ‘Chinwe Russell, aged 49, from Townmoor is a painter who used her skills to express her gratitude towards the NHS and the work they are doing during coronavirus… Chinwe decided to paint three pieces as part of a collection called NHS Rocks to show her gratitude to those working at the moment. They are abstract and consist of a dark background with bright explosions of colour in the centre.’

  • Doncaster Free Press
    March, 2020

    ‘A team of 31 artists are appealing for support and donations to help bring their vision of creating a commercially run art gallery in Doncaster to life… Chinwe Russell, project leader, said: “Arts and culture is the building block of many thriving towns around the world… We desperately need a gallery space with can inspire future generations of great artists, give opportunities to young people, as well as provide the new art graduates with a pathway to a career'

  • Doncaster Free Press
    October, 2018

    'Chinwe, who has been mentored by the team at art&York as part of the RAW Talent programme, will be exhibiting and selling her work alongside more than 100 established artists at Yorkshire's largest art show at York Racecourse.  Chinwe is also crediting the art&York team with a spate of recent activities to promote her work including becoming a finalist in the Global Art Award which takes place in Dubai in November’



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