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Looking to take your artistic journey to the next level? 

Chinwe Russell offers art consultancy, supporting up and coming artists on the road to success. Whether it's a 1-1 session or a live webinar, Chinwe's wealth of expertise enables artists to take the next step and succeed in their careers.

Why work with Chinwe Russell Art Gallery?

We have  facilitated the sale of over 300 artworks since 2021


If you're an artist seeking personalized guidance to help you to succeed in your art practice, then I would recommend the "Developing Your Artistic Practice" – an exclusive one-to-one session led by Chinwe Russell. A visionary artist and curator, Chinwe extends her expertise to tailor a three-hour journey to your unique artistic aspirations. Drawing inspiration from both her own successes and a diverse array of thriving artists, Chinwe delves into various aspects of the art world and most importantly, how you can apply this to your own practice. 


What to Expect: In these intimate sessions, Chinwe will guide you through a myriad of topics crucial to your artistic success. Explore working with businesses, forging partnerships with local authorities, and gain insights into effectively pricing your artwork. Drawing inspiration not only from Chinwe's own triumphs but also from the successes of other artists, these sessions offer a holistic approach to navigating the art world. Whether you're seeking guidance on regional success or want to refine your artistic practice, Chinwe provides practical examples and invaluable advice. Welcome to a session that goes beyond the canvas, offering a personalized and engaging exploration of the art world's intricacies.


If you're an artist seeking widespread knowledge to navigate the art world successfully, join us for the "Developing Your Artistic Practice" Webinar by Chinwe Russell. In this enriching online session, Chinwe, a distinguished artist, curator, and entrepreneur, shares her expertise, drawing inspiration from both her own triumphs and a diverse array of successful artists.


What to Expect: In this engaging webinar, Chinwe Russell explores working with businesses, collaborating with local authorities, and mastering the art of pricing, finding collectors and so much more.


Drawing inspiration from her own successes and those of other thriving artists, Chinwe provides a holistic guide to navigating the art world. Whether you're looking to succeed in your region or refine your artistic practice, join this session to gain insights and practical examples that propel your artistic journey forward. Welcome to a webinar that goes beyond the canvas, offering a comprehensive exploration of the keys to success in the dynamic world of art.

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