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Exploring the Narrative Beauty: Jorge Rojas's Green-Hued Artworks at Chinwe Russell Living Artists Art Auction


We are thrilled to unveil the exquisite works of artist Jorge Rojas, featured in the current Chinwe Russell Living Artists Art Auction on Rojas's artwork, characterized by its narrative richness and charming figurative faces reminiscent of Modigliani, invites viewers into a world of emotions and memories.

Each of Rojas's pieces showcased in this auction carries green overtones, imparting a sense of calmness and tranquillity to the observer. It's a privilege to present Rojas's work on the international auction market, offering art collectors the opportunity to acquire these remarkable pieces at an affordable price.

"Love in a Bike" portrays a nostalgic reminiscence of childhood adventures, captured on vinylic paper with meticulous detail. Rojas invites us to delve into his emotions, past experiences, and strengths through his expressive brushstrokes, inviting viewers to connect with their own memories.

In "Sharing Watermelon," Rojas symbolizes the essence of freedom and the importance of respecting nature and its creatures. The vibrant imagery and green hues evoke a sense of harmony with the natural world, prompting reflection on our relationship with the environment.

"Pez con Paraguas" captures Rojas's playful spirit and love for the ocean and its inhabitants. Through whimsical imagery, he invites us to rediscover the joy and wonder of childhood games, intertwining personal memories with universal themes of exploration and discovery.

Lastly, "Twins" delves into the artist's familial ties and memories of his mother and her twin sister. Rojas's ability to encapsulate complex emotions and relationships within his artwork is truly remarkable, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own connections and experiences.


each piece, Rojas extends an invitation to journey into his world of emotions, memories, and personal narratives. His art serves as a mirror, reflecting the intricacies of the human experience and the beauty found within everyday moments.

Art collectors, seize the opportunity to acquire these captivating artworks by Jorge Rojas while they are still within reach. Embrace the narrative beauty and emotional depth of Rojas's creations, and add a touch of his enchanting world to your collection today. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to own a piece of contemporary brilliance. Bid now and make these exceptional artworks yours!


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