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The Will of the Gods  - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm

The Will of the Gods - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm

SKU: The will of the gods

This piece was inspired by many world catastrophes which religion explained away as the will of the Gods. I often reflect abot how these Gods could possiblity allow these things to happen. If it is their will, to what end? What do they hope to gain? I How do they go about decided who lives or dies, who has a good life and who doesn't. Are we really defenceless to all their caprices? Look closely at the painting to observe what the Gods are doing. What do you see?

I have often wondered at the GOD question. Does he exist, does he not exhist, why is he  s HE and not a SHE. Does he/she really see everything that happens in the world. Is everything really his will, why should everything be his will. Should we not have a say in all that and so on. There are many people who belief blindly and many people who don't, and everything in between. I have often wondered what the GODS themselves think of blind belief, do they thing we are wise or are we a source of entertainment to them. This painting is a result of all those wonderings.


Acrilyc on Canvas 122x91cm 

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    The will of the gods painting by by chinwe russell 2019
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    The will of the gods - original work by chinwe russell
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