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Chinwe Russell, a Nigerian-British visionary artist and industry leader, enthralls audiences with her distinctive and emotionally evocative narrative paintings. Renowned for her big, bold artworks, Chinwe's creations transcend borders, acting as a universal language that resonates with viewers around the globe. Holding a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) from the European School of Economics in Paris, her work draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of global history, cultures, and traditions.

Chinwe Russell: A Creative Odyssey

Renowned Visionary artist and industry leader Chinwe Russell captivates audiences with her distinctive, emotionally evocative, big, bold narrative art that transcends borders and serves as a universal language. As an artist, curator, and entrepreneur, Chinwe's artistic journey is marked by accolades and exhibitions, showcasing her commitment to exploring historical and social narratives through impactful art. Her exceptional curatorial talents extend beyond borders, providing platforms for artists globally. With a rich history of managing exhibitions and receiving recognition for her bold narrative style, Chinwe Russell leaves an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene.


Solo Exhibitions:

  • 2021: "20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" - Danum Gallery Library and Museum, Doncaster

  • 2022: "Gods of Africa Exhibition" - Danum Gallery Library and Museum

  • 2021: "Tribes of Africa Exhibition" - D31 Art Gallery, Doncaster

  • 2022: "20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" - Torre Abbey Museum, Torquay

  • 2022: "20 Historical Women Exhibition" - AuldKirk Museum, Scotland

  • 2022: "20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" - CAST in Doncaster Theatre

  • 2022: "20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" - Astley Hall, Chorley

  • 2023: "20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" - The Base Gallery, Newbury, England

  • 2023: "I Am Not a Hero" Retrospective Exhibition - Doncaster Frenchgate

  • 2025: Bishop Auckland County Durham (Coming in 2025)

  • 2026: National Trust, Sevenoaks (Coming in 2026)


Group Exhibitions:

  • 2022: Focus Art Fair, Carrousel du Louvre

  • 2019, 2022: Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

  • 2020: Shanghai International Art Fair

  • 2018: The Other Art Fair Not 30%, London

  • 2018: Finalist Global Arts Award

  • 2020-2023: D31 Art Gallery (Several Exhibitions)

  • 2018-Date: Doncaster Art Fair (Several Exhibitions)

  • 2018: Art& Raw Talent York

  • Etc…


Community Engagement and Recognition: Chinwe Russell stands as a force in the community, passionately advocating for active involvement in the visual arts. As a distinguished guest on BBC Radio Sheffield, she shared valuable insights and served as a judge for the BBC Radio Sheffield "Make a Difference Award" in 2023. She contributed significantly as a board member for the Doncaster city status bid team.

Children in Art: Chinwe is passionate about involving children in creative activities from a young age. Her work has been studied in schools, and she is often solicited to inspire children through school-wide assemblies and art masterclasses.

Public Speaking Engagements: Chinwe's eloquence and expertise have graced renowned platforms, including the International Women's Day Celebration in London, The Base Gallery, Doncaster Museum, Torre Abbey Museum, Astley Hall, Chorley, Women in Business Conference, and more.

Founder and CEO D31 Art Gallery: In 2020, Chinwe assumed the role of CEO and Chairperson for D31 Art Gallery, emerging as a visionary leader shaping the narrative of contemporary art in Doncaster. Her stewardship transformed the gallery into a cultural hub, engaging the community profoundly through diverse exhibitions.

Curatorial Achievements: Chinwe's exceptional curatorial talents shine through as she founded and curated the "Artists on the Rise Auction" at Chalkwell Auctions, managing over 30 auctions with 1500 global artists. As the Director of Doncaster Art Fair Ltd from 2018 to 2022, she curated and managed over 14 exhibitions, raising over £35,000 and expanding the arts into the markets and pubs of Doncaster.

Work with Hospitals : Notably, she curated a donation of artworks from 65 artists to create  permanent art collections for the Doncaster Royal Infirmary and the Montague Hospitals in Mexborough, enhancing the environment for patients and staff.

Chinwe Russell on seeing the barren walls at the local hospitals, curated a donation of artworks from 65 artists and constituted a permanent art collection for the Doncaster Royal Infirmary and the Montague hospital in Mexborough for the patients and staff to enjoy.


Work with Mental health:

Chinwe is the brains behind the global exhibition “Art as a response to mental health” which has run, sponsored by the City of Doncaster council for several years.


Chinwe also founded and curates the “Celebrating our Strength in our Diversity global exhibition annually.


Artistic Journey: As an artist, Chinwe's work is a testament to her commitment to exploring strong historical and narrative themes. Her brush carries the weight of history, earning accolades such as the Raw Talent Award in 2018 and recognition as a finalist in the Global Arts Awards. Collections like "Tribes of Africa" and "Gods of Africa"  "20 Historical Women who changed the world" , Adam and eve" demonstrate her ability to traverse diverse themes and subject matter, bringing forth a richness that resonates with audiences globally.

Artistic Support Initiatives: Utilizing her vast industry knowledge, Chinwe supports artists through her "Developing Your Artistic Practice" masterclasses, educating emerging and professional artists on the key steps to thrive in the art world. Through one-to-one and group sessions, she shares best practices and practical examples, empowering artists to succeed.

Chinwe Russell Auctions: After successfully curating for Chalkwell Auctions for 3.5 years, Chinwe launched "Chinwe Russell Auctions," providing artists with opportunities to be presented at auctions internationally, fostering global exposure and recognition.


  • Raw Talent Award (2018)

  • Finalist in the Global Arts Awards

  • Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition participant (2019, 2021)

  • Selection and exhibition at Not 30% London

  • Featured Collections by Saatchi Art online

  • Focus Art Fair at the Louvre participant (2022)




Chinwe is influenced by our past as well as how it has shaped our present. She has said that she is inspired by the strength of a woman. She admires courage and is moved by weakness and hardship.


In her own words, she states, ‘I paint my version of history; not the way it happened, but how I imagine it could have happened. I was not there so I create the past in my own imagination. Who am I to judge what happened in the past?’. Chinwe likes to paint in bright and bold colours, it is said she like to ‘challenge and confront’.


There is also a personal connection to her art as Chinwe sees her art work as a kind of therapy, on the topic she says that ‘in times of great emotion, painting frees my soul’.

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