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Artists, Designers, Sell Your Work in USA, UK and European  Auctions Markets!

We're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to sell your artwork in our upcoming auctions  Here's how you can get involved:

We invite artists to submit their original artworks for our upcoming JUNE auction, specifically curated for the UK, USA and European art collectors. Here are the key details:


Auction Format: The auction will be conducted as a "Timed Sale," providing an exciting opportunity for artists to showcase their work.


Auction Schedule:

Auction opens on   17th August with the Catalogue launch, and ends with a final bidding event on June 29th August. 


Auction Platforms: The auction will take place on LiveAuctioneers, the largest online auction platform in America as well as on for the UK and European markets. 

Sale/Exposure Opportunities:

Our auctions  attracts up to 20,000 visits per auction, ensuring significant exposure for your artwork.

View our current auction here.

Past Success: Explore some of the previously sold works featured on our platform here.


Submission Guidelines:

Make sure to carefully read and understand the auction terms outlined at the end of this page !

 You need to submit a minimum of 3 and a  maximum of 10 works 


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Thank you. Your submission has been received and we will be in touch soon 

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Artists are invited to submit ther work for any of our two auctions as above. 

For these upcoming auctions, we are actively seeking high-quality original artworks encompassing a diverse range of styles and subjects. We are particularly interested in artists whose works exude a distinct and unique quality.

Artists from every corner of the globe are invited to submit their original , encompassing all visual arts media, excluding digital art and photography.

If you're keen on having your original artworks considered for this forthcoming auctions, please proceed to submit your work(s) below. (CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUSLY SOLD WORKS )

Reserve Price

Artists set their own reserve prices. However, we encourage you to be realistic. If your reserve price is too high, no one will bid on your work.  We encourage you to submit work of various sizes and various prices to maximize your selling opportunity. 

Submission Guidelines:

Submission is free. However, selected artworks will incur a participation fee of £8 per piece. If you are selected, you need to pay this before the auction takes place. You can submit a maximum of 10 original artworks for consideration. Ensure that all fields in the application form are meticulously completed in ENGLISH, ideally from a desktop for a seamless experience.

Withdrawal of Work:

Before the auction goes live, we will send you an invoice with the number of works selected. Once the auction catalogue is published, withdrawal of your work is not permissible. Any withdrawal post-catalogue publication will result in blacklisting due to the time and costs associated with catalogue preparation.

Should you foresee any reason necessitating the withdrawal of your work, please inform us well in advance, preferably before the auction catalogue is published. Listing fees for selected works are non-refundable.

Auction Formats:

The  auction is a "Timed Sale" as this will give a lot of collectors the opportunity to see the catalogue and ask us any questions.  The auctions take place on the respective auction platforms as indicated at the top. The auctions will run over 3 weekends.

.Artists whose works are selected will be duly notified once their work has been accepted.

Importantly, there is no requirement to physically send your artworks to us; high-quality images will suffice.

Artwork Criteria:

Only original artworks will be considered. All submitted works must be available for sale on the day of the auction. Artists have the autonomy to set their reserve prices; however, we encourage a realistic approach, considering buyers seeking affordable yet exceptional art.

Image Requirements:

High-quality JPEG images are imperative for successful representation. Please submit three images per artwork: the full work, the back of the work, and an image depicting the work in your studio or hanging on a wall for scale.

Auction Dynamics:

This auction is competitive so there is a need to price your work competitively. In the case of Timed Sales, all works will be on a countdown until the end of the auction.

Shipping and Payment:

Upon a successful sale, we  will collect payment, including the shipping cost, from the buyer. The buyer's address will be released to you for shipping arrangements. Prompt shipping is expected, utilizing adequate protective packaging and a tracked shipping service. 

Shipping Cost: You can run a shipping quote online with the dimensions of your parcel. I use

Payment to You:

Payments for all works will be processed as soon as the buyer cofirms receipt of the work in good condition.This will include the proceeds from sale and the shipping cost.  We will transfer the proceeds to your bank account or PayPal, deducting our 20% commission and any transfer fees for artists outside the UK.

Submission: You can submit up to 10 artworks to each auction market. Ensure that you submit different artworks to the different markets to avoid us selling the same artwork twice!

Marketing: and The Saleroom are huge market places with millions of visits each month. In addition to that, we run a series of newsletters, continuous social media posts, regular blog articles, social media paid advertising etc to promote the auction. Artists are also encouraged to share their participation with their network.

By submitting your work, you confirm that you have thoroughly read and agreed with the auction terms outlined above by Chinwe Russell Auctions. Please complete a separate form for each artwork. Your submission implies consent for us to use your image to promote your participation in the auction and to advertise the auction before, during, and after it.

For any queries, please contact or call +447572668922.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.


Best of luck at the auction.

Chinwe Russell Curator

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