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The three Babushkas 1

The three Babushkas 1

This painting is the result of my journey to Sumy Oblast in Ukraine.  A very eventful journey indeed. We arrived in Kharkov from London and travelled by road in a very tight uncomfortable bus ride for several hours all the way to Sumy near the russian border. All along the journey, I could just about see babushkas going about their business of selling mushrooms along the road side. Apparently, mushroom foraging is a big pastime in those parts. It was a fascinating journer with one incredible toilet stop. Let me not tell you about the toilets. 


Being a black woman alone with a young child, in a strange environment where no one spoke English or french for that matter, you can imagine how I felt. Knowing where along the journey I was supposed to get off was a lesson in courage and determination. 


The sites and sounds of Ukraine inspired my Ukrainian odyssey . A collection of 12 pieces of work. 


I hope one of them will find a home with you.


Acrylic on stretched canvas (I can organise framing for you)


Dimension 60x76cm

world wide shipping.


This work is ideal for a wide range of interiors and will make a wonderful gift. Each artwork is signed and is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.  



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