Catherine the great - Queen of seduction - Acrylic on canvas

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I created this painting during the winter months in my basement studio. It was so cold, and somehow, I imagined that It was made colder just because I was painting the long ago empress of Russia. During this period, my studio was renamed Russia.
Catherine was a very powerful empress from 1762 until 1796, the country's longest-ruling female leader. She famously came to power by getting rid of her husband in a coup which she masterminded. The foundations of the super power that is Russia today began under her reign. This she did via massive militry campaigns and conquestion of far and near. The Russia of today exists because of the work she did. Who needs a weak king as a husband? Obviously not her.
The pose of Chinwe Russell's Catherine the great was inspired by one of her favourite artists ;Braitou Sala
Acrilyc on Canvas 122x91cm

This painting is also available as a 50x40cm signed and mounted PRINT on museum archive paper ready to put in a frame.
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    Catherine the great painting by chinwe russell 2019
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    Catherine the great - original work by chinwe russell


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