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Adam and Eve Volume 6

Adam and Eve Volume 6

SKU: Adam and Eve Volume 6
So I was very lucky to exhibit at the world-reknowed Royal academy of London Summer exhibition 2019 and was invited to the varnishing day. While I was there, I was greatly taken with the work of a famous artist whose fluidity of style influenced my Adam and eve series. Originally, I was going to create just one painting. However, it took me 9 tries to get the final image that I wanted. Those nine sketches then became stand alone works in their own right and hence a collection of 10 paintings.This painting is Acrylic on Paper and very easy to frame as it comes in the standard size of 20x16 inches.This painting is also available as a 40x50 signed print on museum archive paper.
  • Meta title

    Adam and eve, original artwork by Chinwe Russell
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    Adam and eve inspired artwork by Chinwe Russell Artist


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