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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

The Babushkas Volume 1

The Babushkas Volume 1

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In the autumn of 2019, I had the opportunity of going on vacation to Sumy in Ukraine. I totally fell in love with this enigmatic country. I did not speak a word of the language, cannot read the alphabet so I could guess at nothing, so I was totaly blind, and deaf. It was an incredible feeling as this was the first time I was going anywhere like that. There was a general feeling of "mind your own business" a certain undercurrent which was present.I was totally charmed by this wierdness and of course the babushkas were amazing. They were everywhere, from the sideroads of the forests, all the way to the town itself. They came out in the evenings, selling every thing you can imagine, from mushrooms, to fruits and vegetables to flowers. I generally saw them more in the evenings, in the hustle and bustle of the town, waiting for the workers who were going home.The yellow rickety buses were all over, I mean all over, the result, hardly any waiting time to get to where you wanted to go.I was so echanted by this country, the resilience of the people, though poor, but with a system which works.Never have I enjoyed a holiday so much. I shall return. Of course I wanted to pay hommage to the country, in my Ukrainian odyssey collection. I hope you enjoy it.This work is a triptych and is sold as such. A collection of 3 pieces work, all acrylic on Canvas, each measuring approx 40x30cm.
  • Meta title

    The Babushkas Volume 1, original painting by chinwe russell 2018
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    The Babushkas Volume 1- original work by chinwe russell
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