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Embark on a journey of inspiration and empowerment with Chinwe Russell, artist and curator and a dynamic speaker whose artistry transcends canvases and resonates with the hearts of diverse audiences. As an accomplished renowned artist, visionary curator, and advocate for women's empowerment, Chinwe Russell weaves a tapestry of stories that celebrate resilience, diversity, and the power of the human spirit.


Inspirational Speaker:

Chinwe Russell is not just an artist; she is a masterful storyteller who breathes life into her creations and captivates your audiences. Drawing on a rich tapestry of personal and professional experiences, Chinwe Russell brings authenticity and depth to her talks. With a unique ability to connect with audiences, she seamlessly intertwines her artistic journey with powerful narratives, leaving listeners inspired and engaged.


Artistic Narrative:

Using her various collection of narrative paintings as a backdrop , Chinwe Russell will take your audiences on a compelling visual journey of real human issues. Often personal in nature chinwe russell uses the stories that inspired her paintings as call to action and a way to shine the spotlight on issues that resonate. A visionary with a no-nonsense direct approach to speaking, Chinwe Russell uses her paintings which are not just brushstrokes on canvas but windows into compelling stories. From the “20 Historical Women Who Changed the World" collection of paintings which bring to light the incredible stories of women who have battled to change the world around them, to the thought-provoking "Tribes of Africa" collection of paintings which questions our place in society and the importance of belonging, each stroke of the brush carries a message of strength, identity, and cultural heritage.


Women's Empowerment Advocate:

Through her diverse experiences and achievements, Chinwe Russell stands as a beacon for women's empowerment. From leadership roles in the arts to the curation of impactful exhibitions, Chinwe Russell seamlessly integrates her real-world experiences into her talks, sparking conversations on resilience, leadership, and the importance of representation.


Speaking Engagements:

Chinwe Russell  has graced prestigious stages, including the International Women's Day Celebration hosted by the Worshipful Companies of World Traders in London and various international art exhibitions. Her keynote addresses and panel contributions at events like the Doncaster What's Next Business Conference and Women in Business Doncaster showcase her ability to engage diverse audiences, and diverse audiences around the UK.


Specialized Topics:

Celebrating Women's Triumphs: Explore the stories of remarkable women who defied odds and changed the course of history.

Race, Heritage, and Identity: Journey through the "Tribes of Africa" collection, where art becomes a powerful lens to examine issues of race, heritage, and belonging.

Art as a Response to Social Issues: Delve into Chinwe Russell groundbreaking exhibitions addressing mental health, showcasing the transformative power of art.

Connect with Chinwe Russell:

Chinwe Russell is not just a speaker; she is a storyteller, an artist, and a catalyst for change. Invite Chinwe Russell to your event for an immersive experience that transcends traditional speaking engagements and leaves a lasting impact on your audience. Let her art and words ignite conversations, challenge perspectives, and inspire change.



Chinwe Russell


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