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The Silk Road of Kublai Khan 1.2m x0.91m

The Silk Road of Kublai Khan 1.2m x0.91m

Awhile ago, I was fascinated by the history of the Mongolian empire, I spent hours on end reading about their rise, domination, strenghts, weaknesses and their subsequent fall.


I was particularly fascinated by the Yuan dynasty founded by Kublai Khan , the great Khan, the khan of Khans. A larger than life character who dominated this kingdom for many years. The result of this period is this painting which you see here, tracing the silk road of the 1300s and what went on there. The painting has as a central focus the famous face off between Kublai Khan on the left and his cousin Kaidu Khan on the right. Who won the fight? I invite you to go and find out. This painting is full of significance. I particularly enjoyed crafting the costumes and the weapons. Do you see all the activities going on along the sweeping silk road, all the various goods and trades. On the silk road, anything is possible. 


This painting is ideal in a board room where many face offs happen. It is also ideal at the reception of an office building as a statement piece and to send a strong message of leadership, It will suit the living room of a home where power and status are important. 


Acrylic on stretche Canvas 122x91cm  ready to hang.



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