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Looking to take your artistic journey to the next level? 

Chinwe Russell offers art consultancy, supporting up and coming artists on the road to success. Sign up for a personalised 3 hour consultancy course and learn from Chinwe's wealth of expertise which enables artists to take the next step and succeed in their careers.

Why work with Chinwe Russell?

We have facilitated the sale of over 350 artworks since 2021


What to Expect: In these private personalized sessions, Chinwe will guide you through myriad topics crucial to your artistic success:

1. Defining Your Artistic Purpose

  • Why Do You Create Art?

  • Understanding your motivation

  • Aligning your practice with your purpose

2. Defining Success in Your Artistic Career

  • What Does Success Mean for You?

  • Different types of success: mental health, commercial, vanity, quality of life

  • Examples of successful artists and their definitions of success


3. Focusing on Your Art

  • Style, Scale, and Subject Matter

  • Developing a distinctive style

  • The importance of scale and subject matter in your work

  • Creating with a purpose and masterpiece mentality


4. Business Mindset for Artists

  • Running Your Art Practice as a Business

  • Thinking strategically about your art career

  • Marketing, promotion, and investment in your practice


5. Working with Businesses

  • Collaborating with Corporate Entities

  • Building partnerships and collaborations

  • Examples of successful artist-business collaborations


6. Working with Local Authorities

  • Engaging with Local Government and Community Initiatives

  • Leveraging public sector support

  • Examples of successful projects with local authorities


7. Community Engagement

  • Involving Community Groups in Your Art

  • Building connections and fostering community through art

  • Examples of impactful community art projects


8. Running Solo Exhibitions

  • Planning and Executing Solo Exhibitions

  • Strategies for successful solo shows

  • Case studies of impactful solo exhibitions


9. Collaborating with Brands

  • Partnerships with Commercial Brands

  • Navigating brand collaborations

  • Successful artist-brand collaborations


10. Having an Exhibition Strategy

  • Creating a Comprehensive Exhibition Plan

  • Identifying opportunities and planning your exhibition calendar- solo and group shows


11. Pricing Your Work

  • Strategies for Pricing Your Artwork

  • Factors to consider when setting prices

  • Examples of effective pricing strategies


12. Selling at Auctions

  • Navigating the Auction World

  • Understanding the auction process

  • Tips for successfully selling your work at auctions


13. Working with Galleries

  • Building Relationships with Galleries

  • Finding the right gallery for your work

  • Managing gallery relationships


14. Selling Online

  • Maximizing Online Sales Channels

  • Strategies for effective online selling

  • Utilizing social media and online platforms

15. Developing an Artist Network

  • Building a Supportive Network of Artists and Professionals

  • Networking strategies

  • Importance of collaboration and support within the artist community


16. Marketing and Promotion

  • Effective Marketing Strategies for Artists

  • Creating a marketing plan

  • Promoting your work through various channels


17. Funding and Grants

  • Accessing Financial Support for Your Art

  • Identifying funding opportunities

  • Tips for successful grant applications


18. Artistic Residencies

  • Participating in Artist Residencies

  • Finding and applying for residencies

  • Benefits of residency programs


19. Artist Statements and Portfolios

  • Crafting Your Artist Statement and Portfolio

  • Key elements of an effective artist statement

  • Building a compelling portfolio


20. Digital Presence

  • Building and Maintaining an Online Presence

  • Creating a professional website

  • Leveraging social media for visibility


21. Selling Your Work: How to Sell More Art

  • Strategies for Increasing Art Sales

  • Understanding your market and audience

  • Effective sales techniques and tips


22. Leasing Your Art

  • How to Lease Your Art

  • Benefits of leasing your art

  • Steps to set up and manage art leasing


23. Creating Touring Exhibitions

  • Planning and Executing Touring Exhibitions

  • Benefits of touring your exhibitions

  • Logistics and planning for a successful tour


24. Working with Museums

  • Building Relationships with Museums

  • Approaching museums with your work

  • Examples of successful museum collaborations


25. Working with Schools

  • Engaging with Educational Institutions

  • Benefits of working with schools

  • Tips for successful school collaborations


26. Getting Art Commissions

  • Securing Art Commissions

  • How to find and apply for commissions

  • Managing commissioned projects


27. Making Yourself Relevant in Your Community

  • Becoming a Community Art Leader

  • Strategies for engaging and impacting your community

  • Examples of artists who have made a difference locally

Inspired by both her own triumphs and the successes of other artists, these sessions offer a holistic approach to navigating the art world. Whether you seek guidance on regional success or wish to refine your artistic practice, Chinwe provides practical examples and invaluable advice.



During the Taster Session, you will have the chance to discuss your current art practice and receive tips from Chinwe Russell on how to overcome your challenges. This complimentary session is available only once per artist.


When you sign up for Chinwe's Art Consultancy course, you'll recieve 3 hours of personal guidance and advice, split across 4 seprate sessions.

Initial 30 minutes: Requirements Gathering

Second Hour: First Set of 14 Areas of Focus

Third Hour: Second Set of 13 Areas of Focus

Final 30 minutes: Lessons Learned and Preparing for the Future

3 Hour Tailored Art Consultation

95 £


Total of 3 Hours of Personalised Consultation with Chinwe Russell

Gültig für 6 Monate

Terms and Conditions


1. Service Overview

  • The 3-hour tailored art consultancy is designed specifically for emerging artists. It includes three 30/1-hour Zoom meetings scheduled over a 3-6 week period, depending on the artist's availability.

  • The consultancy will be structured as follows:

    • Initial 30 minutes: Requirements Gathering

    • Second Hour: First Set of 14 Areas of Focus

    • Third Hour: Second Set of 13 Areas of Focus

    • Final 30 minutes: Lessons Learned and Preparing for the Future

2. Booking and Payment

  • All bookings for the consultancy service must be paid in full at the time of booking.

  • Booking fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

3. Session Scheduling

  • Sessions will be spread over 3-6 weeks, with 1-hour Zoom meetings scheduled based on mutual availability.

  • Each session will include:

    • First Hour: Requirements Gathering and Initial Advice

    • Second Hour: Exploring the First Set of 14 Areas of Focus

    • Third Hour: Exploring the Second Set of 13 Areas of Focus

    • Final 30 minutes: Evaluation, Lessons Learned, and Future Planning

4. Rescheduling Policy

  • If the artist is unable to attend the agreed-upon session time, they may request to reschedule.

  • Each booking can be rescheduled only once.

  • Rescheduling requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled session time.

5. Cancellation Policy

  • Booking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • No refunds will be issued for missed sessions or cancellations.

6. Contact Information

  • For any queries or to request a reschedule, please contact us at:

By booking the consultancy service, you agree to these terms and conditions. We look forward to helping you achieve success in your artistic journey.

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