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Sometimes we think we are safe, but we are not.

Sometimes we think we are safe, but we are not.

Artikelnummer: Snakedreams

This painting was made after I had a nightmare which saw me fall into a room full of snakes with a baby on my back.In the dream, there was a war raging in some country of which I don't know. I had my daughter strapped on my back and was fleeing a bunch of soldiers who were trying to shoot me. In the distance, I saw a ladder leading up to an open window. I ran as fast as I could and climbed up this ladder, through this window, and jumbed down into the dark room. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw that I was right in the middle of a snake pit. They were not as colourful as the ones in my painting mind you, they were dark and visious looking. Luckily, there was another window with another ladder leading out the opposite direction, I waded through and climbed back up, I jumped out into the green vegetation and woke up.

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