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Rothko said No! - 1

Rothko said No! - 1

When I was painting this piece, I wanted the roundness to take me where it wanted to go. I was exploring colours that I don't use normally and painting subjects that are new. Except that in this case, there was no specific subject, just intuition. I love intuitive work as you never know where it will lead you. But when it is ready to stop moving, you know. 




This piece willl suit any modern living or working space. It will brighten any environment and will add an exciting dash of colour which could form the focal point of any room. 



Acrylic on Stretched Canvas (Ready to hang)


This is an original piece of work signed by the artist



This work will arrive with a certificate of authenticity direct from the artist.


This work is not framed but is ready to hang. 



80cm x 60cm 


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