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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

Cherry Tree from my window 2

Cherry Tree from my window 2

In front of our house, there is a cherry tree which was in bloom. though my lockdown window looked out to this tree, it took me a while to see the blossoms. Because  I sat at that window for a  few weeks, It was inevitable that I would attempt to capture it on canvas. I painted it 3 times and this is one of the tree versions. 


Acrylic on strteched canvas ready to hang.  (I can arrange for it to be framed if you prefer, just let me know)

Dimension is 70x80cm


This is ideal for any living or office space, It would make a great personal or corporate gift. 


Signed work with Certificate of authenticity. Worldwide shipping.


For any question, contact me to discuss. For buying advice, I can help you decide on the right piece for the right purpose.

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