The Will of the Gods - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm

SKU: The will of the gods
This piece was inspired by many world catastrophes which religion explained away as the will of the Gods. I often reflect abot how these Gods could possiblity allow these things to happen. If it is their will, to what end? What do they hope to gain? I How do they go about decided who lives or dies, who has a good life and who doesn't. Are we really defenceless to all their caprices? Look closely at the painting to observe what the Gods are doing. What do you see?

Acrilyc on Canvas 122x91cm

This painting is also available as a 50x40cm signed and mounted PRINT on museum archive paper ready to put in a frame.
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    The will of the gods painting by by chinwe russell 2019
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    The will of the gods - original work by chinwe russell


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