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Eugene Hammerhead
  • Eugene Hammerhead

    Get your hands on a Eugene Hammerhead , the wonderful new character by the award winning Yorkshire artist Chinwe Russell whose work has been exhibited at the Royal academy of arts summer exhibition london. 
    Everyone is talking about Eugene Hammerhead. Your first reaction is laughter, fun and intrigue. Who is Eugene, where does he come from, what does he do? Eugene is a a piece of handcrafted art/stuffed character by the artists herself and comes with a Certificate of origin. 
    What makes Eugene so great is that each one has a character of it's own. When you buy a Eugene, the fun begins to discover which Eugene has been Chosen for you. We will select a Eugene for you from our range. We can just imagine how excited you will be to see which Eugene will arrive at your home. 
    This is a great start to collecting Chinwe Russell's art work. Made from vibrant colorful fun fabrics. Eugene was inspired by the artist's daughter Leah, who is the biggest critic of all. Eugene is looking forward to arriving at your house. Every House needs a Eugene Hammerhead. He has a funny Hammer head, a square body, elongated arms and he soft and cuddly. Eugene can be who you want him to be. A piece of decorative art which you hang on your wall, from the ceiling or where ever you like, a soft cuddly toy, a lucky mascot and so much more. The Fun part of the work is the surprise element. You decide. 
    • Care instruction

      This is a piece of art. Do not wash it as colours will run.



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