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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

The TreeWhisperer

The TreeWhisperer

There is one special  woman in Abuja who understands the importance of our environment. She has a special connection to trees and they obey her commands. She plants trees now, for the future generation. You will often see her in the streets of Abuja, visiting her trees, checking on their progress. Have they survived the intense heat? Are they doing well? Do people care about them?

 She understands the role of trees in our ecosystem, providing shade, a home for birds, food for humans and animals, replenishing the soil . They bring structure to the earth which protects humanity and they are simply as elegant as the woman herself. The trees will be her testimony when she is long gone, showing that once upon a time, someone cared. All hail the tree whisperer Chinyere Ebeh. 

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