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Conquest of Doncaster (jo Miller)  - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm

Conquest of Doncaster (jo Miller) - Acrylic on Canvas 122x91cm

SKU: The conquest of Doncaster
THE CONQUEST OF DONCASTER (Joan of arc and Jo Miller )Several months ago, I was looking for my next historical subject to paint. Nick's mum suggested Joan of arc and Boudicca. I wasn't sure about those. Shortly afterwards, a woman called Jo Miller caught my eye on twitter. I fired off a quick question to her. "Jo who is your favourite historical woman". She responded "Boudicca and Joan of arc". When I read the story of Joan of arc and Jo Miller, there was a huge similarity. Jo Miller in her role as Doncaster chief executive then became my muse for this painting.The majestic horse represents Doncaster , full of life, power, energy, strenght as well as the rich horse racing history. However, the horse is making a dash for it and is being reigned in. The colours of the horse represent the coal mining past of the town, and if you know your geography, you will see that the map of Doncaster is loosely represented as two of the paterns on the horse. Notice the flag with the coat of arms? This was designed specifically for Jo Miller, with the 4 letters which represent some of her life's philosophy.What else do you see.Acrilyc on Canvas 122x91cmThis painting is also available as a 50x40cm signed and mounted PRINT on museum archive paper ready to put in a frame.
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    Conquest of doncaster painting by by chinwe russell 2019
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    conquest of doncaster- original work by chinwe russell
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