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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

Women's War 1929

Women's War 1929

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In 1929 the women of the eastern part of nigeria rose up in protest againt forced taxation by colonial britain. Prior to the arrival of the colonial british, women held important roles in the society on the same terms as the men. However, with the establishment of the british rule, women had their rights taken away. They were told they could not possibly hold leadership position. This change the traditions and culture of a nation.To add insult to injury, the women were then asked to pay taxes just like the men. One day, led by the widow Nwanyeruwa, the women revolted. They fiercely questioned why they should pay taxes but not allowed a voice? This led to what was to become a massive revolt against the warrant chief involding thousands of women in the whole region.Acrilyc on Canvas 122x91cmIn this depiction, chinwe Russell tells the story in her usual strong vivid style , representing Nwanyeruwa, in a face off with a colonial british. A very powerful story indeed.

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    Collage by chinwe russell 2019
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    Aba women's war- original work by chinwe russell

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