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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

Weep not my child by Chinwe Russell - A Bold Striking Narrative on Canvas
  • Weep not my child by Chinwe Russell - A Bold Striking Narrative on Canvas


    Step into a world of thought-provoking art with this striking, vibrant red figurative painting by Chinwe Russell. This captivating masterpiece delves into the heart of societal issues, offering a poignant commentary on the state of the world we inherit. At the heart of this large and attention-commanding painting are a mother and her daughter, symbolizing the central figures in this evocative narrative. The mother's gesture conveys an apology, a heartfelt acknowledgment of the challenging world passed on to the younger generation. Within this captivating artwork, a vivid tapestry unfolds, illustrating the complex interplay of emotions, struggles, and stories. The painting pulsates with movement, reflecting the global reality of mass immigration. People from diverse corners of the world embark on journeys seeking refuge and new opportunities, driven by wars, poverty, natural disasters, or the pursuit of a better life. However, upon arrival in new lands, they often encounter adversity, homelessness, and unforeseen hardships. As you explore the layers of this vibrant canvas, you'll find numerous narratives woven into its fabric, each with its own message and significance. The depth and meaning in this artwork offer a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be unraveled. Chinwe Russell, the artist behind this compelling piece, eloquently states, "As a society, I have often felt that we allow ourselves to be betrayed by our actions/inactions, by our ignorant beliefs that the grass is always greener elsewhere, by the injustices inflicted on ourselves and others." The painting serves as a powerful vehicle for self-reflection and a call for change. Don't miss the opportunity to own this extraordinary piece, a testament to the artist's skill and a mirror reflecting the complex world we inhabit. Bid now to make this exceptional work of art a part of your collection and a catalyst for meaningful conversations about the world we live in.
    Year of creation: 2022
    Shipping cost: Shipping Cost varies depending on destination. Enquire.

    Size: 103x180cm

    Condition: Excellent

    Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

    Signature: Signed By the artist

    Provenance: Direct From the artist's Studio, Exhibited at the Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

    Exhibition:The Louvre, Paris





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