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Discover the world of Chinwe Russell and her work in the new e-book.

Ala -Earth Goddess of fertility
  • Ala -Earth Goddess of fertility

    Description: Elevate your art collection with a striking deep red painting showcasing "ALA," the revered Igbo goddess of fertility. Crafted by the talented artist Chinwe Russell, this artwork draws inspiration from the rich "Ala" traditions of the Igbo tribe, creating a powerful visual representation.

    "ALA" is the central figure in Igbo religious and social life, symbolizing the Earth Mother and the female Goddess of the earth. This deity, the mother of all things, presides over the entire cycle of life. From nurturing children in their mother's womb to embracing the souls of the departed, "ALA" embodies the profound cycle of existence.

    As the offspring of Chukwu Okike, the supreme god, "ALA" serves as the guardian of humanity, both in life and death, making her integral to the Igbo ancestor cult as the queen of the underworld. She forms the bedrock of human morality, serving as the chief enforcer of Igbo law and customs, known as "Omenala." Offenses against the standards of "ALA" are termed "nso Ala" or 'desecration of Ala' and encompass crimes like homicide, adultery, theft, and more. To atone for these transgressions, sacrifices are offered to her.

    "ALA" is not only the source of human morality but also the guardian of justice, overseeing the adjudication of human actions and the maintenance of order within Igbo communities. With her shrine at the heart of each village, "ALA" is the unseen president of the community, essential to its completeness.

    This painting eloquently embodies the profound significance of "ALA" in Igbo culture, encompassing fertility, land productivity, and the essence of life. A messenger and living agent of "ALA" on earth is the revered python (Igbo: eke), while her involvement extends to festivals and offerings. "ALA" signifies fertility, the generative forces of life, and is the epitome of goodness and morality in Igbo society.

    This artwork encapsulates the rich tapestry of Igbo culture, symbolizing the essence of life, unity, and the enduring legacy of "ALA." Don't miss the opportunity to make this masterpiece a part of your art collection and a tribute to the spiritual heritage of the Igbo people. Bid now to own a piece of history. 
    Year of creation: 2022 
    Shipping cost: Shipping Cost varies depending on destination. Enquire. 

    105x180 cm


    Acrylic On Canvas

    Signed By the artist

    Direct From the artist's Studio

    The Louvre

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